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When One Emits Gas From Their Anus into their Palm and places the palm on the mouth or nose of someone next to them.
Abraham, I just totally palm bombed Ryan!
by Jeremy Holt January 27, 2010
2 3
when you fart into your cupped and and release the toxic fumes into someones face and eyes. works particularly well with 'SBDs' (silent but deadly)

*warning* may cause gagging, burning and tearing of the eyes, similar to the effects of tear gas. is also flammable.
I palm bombed Josh in class, and he fell to the floor coughing in gagging.

The palm bomb i gave my brother was so bad he couldnt see for a week.
by Kenan January 25, 2003
50 11
The summer version of a Jagerbomb - a vodka dropshot into Palm Bay.
On the phone: got blackout last night...last thing I remember was palm bombs...derp
by rawgrease October 17, 2013
5 2