The new replacement for the overused and ghey word 'EPIC'.

Simply replace with 'palatial' wherever 'epic' was used.
1. Palatial fail. You suck.

2. Dude that new lambo is so palatial

3. This chick I know is a blackbelt in karate, so when this a$$hole came up behind her, she totally kicked the dude's ass. You should have been there, it was f'ing palatial.

4. Ed hardy wearing d-bags that use epic in every sentence is a palatial fail at life.



*see epic
by shirakiphoto March 09, 2011
Top Definition
1. The virtual every-adjective. Can be used in place of any adjective, in any language, in any country, on any planet. (In most cases, accompanied in the same sentence by the noun regalia) (Used as a positive in most cases)

2. Pertaining to or suitable of a palace.
1: Dude, this party is so palatial!!
1:'Alternate': That nude "show" you put on at Jim's wedding was so NOT palatial!

2: A palatial tapestry.
by GrantMF October 24, 2007
A word that describes something exuberant and/or extrordinary.

Anything that is considered epic or worth remembering.
"Bro, that was some palatial shit!"

"That concert was fucking palitial!"

"I think this mite even be palatial enough to get on urban dictionary!"
by Catpis April 16, 2008
One of the awesomest words in the world. Equal with Regalia.
It can mean what every you want
Man that car is palatial, wish i had that car.
Suck my regalia you palatialing son of a bitch.
by patricktheman69 December 09, 2010

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