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To take words that people don't use anymore, and using them for anything you want them to mean.
Or also known as, "Palatial regalia".
You can use any word not used by most people.
Heres an example with 2 of hundreds of words.

Palatial regalia
That regalia is palatial!
Instead of, That house is big

It can mean anything you want it to mean.
*Note: It doesn't have to be palatial or regalia, those are just more common when it comes to this.
by whitebill January 03, 2008
Pronounced as "Squea-key"

A big bong hit, usually lasting over 30 seconds.
Referred to "Sqky" because after you take the hit, the first word you say will sound high pitched.

The term "Sqky"s spelling is because thats how you would spell it after that hit.

(Takes bong hit for 30 seconds)

*In high pitched voice* Danmm dude that shit was sqky as a mother fucker.
by whitebill January 01, 2008
When too white kids come together and have their way with a black women, with her consent.
Whitey 1: Hello, fellow white friend, do you wish to double-tag that African decented women over there?

Whitey 2: Yes, I would enjoy that very much!

Negro Nancy: Oooo Lord, dem crackaz at it again! come on now, shoooo..this aint no "NIGGAH FUHK!" (nigger fuck)
by whitebill January 02, 2008
A Jamaican man that sucks penis to get the cum out of it.
Man 1: yo you gay mom
Man 2: You said mom.
Man 1: Oh, my bad.

after man 1 walks up to someone else;

Man 1: yo you gay mon
Man 3: Yeah, I'm a gay mon
Man 1: Fagget
by whitebill January 03, 2008

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