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1. A hypothetical electronic device that would show on its screen a view of events dating to past ages with synchronized sound. The device would show what was happening at a particular point of time in the days of yore. The device would help scientists to exactly find out the history of the earth without having to depend on fossils, thus helping them to precisely determine what kinds of life were there in ancient times and shedding light on palaeobiological, palaeoecological and palaeoclimatalogical aspects. The device would work under the assumption that any event that took at any time must have been recorded or 'saved' in one form or the other. The device would also have a mechanism which could be adjusted to retrieve an event that took place at a particular time in the days of old, say 65 million years ago from now. If scientists could invent such a device, it would be the greatest invention ever of mankind.
2. (uncount noun) process of retrieving a view of past events and showing it on the palaeovision screen.
One day, man will perhaps be able to invent the palaeovision.
#television #palaeozoology #palaeobotany #palaeontology #palaeoecology #palaeoclimatology
by uttam maharjan December 30, 2009
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