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When you see someone looking more than average that you start experiencing heart palpitations and no word within your immediate vocabulary expresses how cute they look and you just want a word to scream - pakito is that word.
PAKITOOOOOOOO!! (pah-key-toe)

Say goodbye to "bae" and hello to "pakito"
(Note: incorporating the modifier *precious* before pakito gets their heart racing)
"Damn, she's a pakito"
"I'd like to make you my pakito"

"my precious pakito"
"10/10, she's a pakito"
by Vansporn February 06, 2015
When someone is burried to their neck with sand and someone takes a shit on that persons head.
lets say you and your buddies found a big hole in the sand, you jump in and you buddies covers you up to the neck with sand leaving you pretty much stuck. then if you got some psycho friends they can pull down their pants and shit on you head. Kinda nasty is`nt it? well its pakito for you, hate it or love it.
by destructor1337 April 26, 2007
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