to be in the process of purchasing an item
tyrone still in line pain fo his foety? tell that nigga to get crackalackin!
by Trevbo July 13, 2004
Pain is pleasure. The knid of pleasure that is so intence that only your mind can comprehend it and your body feel it. That is true pain. The pain of lust, love, sex, and happyness.
When you fall so in-love that it makes you hurt when that person is not around.
by Joe Hill January 03, 2004
A series of seven jpegs stored on the website: They are collages of the most erotic imagery on the internet with anti-leeching warnings on them in large red font.
I saw the pain series and now I'm scarred for life.
by Odovaucer November 17, 2003
Hit single by the band Jimmy Eat World, off of the album "Futures" (2004).
It takes my pain away/
It's a lie/
A kiss with open eyes/
But she's not breathing back
by FMchubs April 17, 2005
pleasure, a feeling of...excastasy
pain is pleasure, when a girl bites ur dick, thats painful pleasure.

when your girlfriend bites your lip 'till it bleeds, thats painfull pleasure.
by Monkeyboy September 28, 2003
lead singer of the heavy metal band "Pain For Pleasure"-THEY ROCK! (Other members of the band being Gunner-drums, Sniper-bass, and of course, Pleasure-geetar)
As the spotlight moved to the side of the stage, the extremely hot Pain came out singing "Pain for Pleasure."
by Sarah October 14, 2003
You think you know what pain is? Not until you've seen the pics. Pain3 and Pain4 are a collection of the worst pics on the net. The Trinity is nothing compared to the almight power of pain!
I wrote an email to Strong Bad about Pain4. A week later, Homestar announced it's servers were shutting down.
by Maxim2735 September 20, 2003

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