Pronounced "puh-jine-uh." Spanish for "I pronounce words in my high school Spanish II class like a retarded white kid."
Spanish teacher: Por favor, lee a mi que está en la pizzara.
Jerk off: Aibrain laws leyebros ay lay puhjineuh sineto why doss.

Example must include term página.

lyk omg it rhymes with vagina
by peanutbutterninja October 04, 2008
A vagina with a penis hidden inside, and when you get an erection, it comes out.
Guy 1: Did you know Lady Gaga has a pagina?
Guy 2: What's that.
Guy 1: I'll explain it to you when the kids leave.
by titopie October 29, 2009
A Pagina is when the "meat" of the penis is removed and the skin is left. This allows intercourse with men to move easier.
Jacob: Hey man, check this out...

Matt: Holy crap man! You have a Pagina! ME TOO!

Jacob: Dang.. now we need someone without one.
by KBA! May 16, 2007
The Spanish word for "page".
Most people think that pagina is the same as vagina..... for shame.
by ZeusWeapon September 17, 2003
a triangular flesh pillow which accumulates above the vagina after a woman eats too many Choco Tacos
Oh Man, I got so high this weekend and ate so many choco-taco's.. I can feel my pagina getting even puffier.
by kimkath May 12, 2009
noun: the incomplete sex change from vagina to penis.
Chaz Bono has a pagina.
by Lola V October 17, 2011
There are two definitions of Pagina:

1. This is when the "meat"of the penis is removed through surgery. Then it can be used for sexual intercourse with males.

2. This is when no surgery is involved. Sexual intercourse happens by sticking a mans penis in another mans penis "hole" this can be very painful but pleasing.
Kale: I have Pagina 1!
Jay: I have Pagina 2!
Kale: Why don't you get Pagina 1?
Jay: I can multitask. ;)
by KBA! August 26, 2007

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