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n. means countryman, brother, or pal in Italian. The equivilent of "homie" to Italians and Italian-Americans.
Sometimes shortened to paesan.
Occasionally mispelled as "paisano" or "paisan"
"Hardcore guineas should know that paesano is the correct spelling, right, paesan?"
by Jam Master J April 14, 2005
(1) a word that really does exist, and the dude that said it didn't was incredibly wrong. He also needs to kick "Billy William's" ass or whoever the hell says paesano in the south, because I can tell that Billy Williams is not Italian at all and is a southern wannabe that should come to the Italian part of the Bronx or South Philly sometime to get his ass kicked.
Paesano is a real word, assholes. You live in the fuckin south and have no idea what you are talking about.
by Jam Master J April 15, 2005
An Italian word which refers to someone as a "townie".
Quello lì non ha viaggiato mai. È proprio un paesano.
#borghereccio #contadino #campagnolo #burino #casalingo
by alessietta June 25, 2010
Italian for "friend" or buddy

Also meaning "short and angry"
Tim is my Paesano. We hang all the time and drink beers.

Very Troyer is such a paesano!
#friend #buddy #short #angry #little
by RudyV April 07, 2009
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