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Correct: One who has an irrational fear of children

Incorrect: One who has an irrational fear of paedophiles, correct term is paedophileophobe(dumb when you think about it, as no fear of paedophiles is irrational)
Paedophobe: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! A 4 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!

by Zankou February 03, 2007
Someone who shows hateful or fearful behaviour towards paedophiles, even if they never showed intent to harm a child.
"Oh my God, he watches child porn! Call the police, he's a danger to my children!" - a statement a paedophobe is likely to make
by Mr. British July 19, 2006
Someone who is scared of a paedophile. An irrational fear of being around a paedophile. Paedophobes are usually children or parents of children.
I cant believe theyre against paedphiles, its their life choice, what about freedom of speech? what about peoples rights? what paedophobes they are.

That mother/father/man/woman/kid is a total paedophobe. Its like their scared of someone molesting them or something. Total paedophobes who need to get a life.

Man: Get into my car, I will show you my puppies.
young girl: NO! GET AWAY FROM ME
Man: You paedophobe, thats racism.

by Free Lover December 30, 2005
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