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a charming, goodlooking young man, he will entice you at first glance. a good stable boyfriend, masculine and fit, loved by all
look at that guy's hot bod, he's such a padraic
by Ann- Lee June 11, 2010
87 11
Pronounced: 'pork'

- An Irish name given to roboplegic rong cocks.

- An instrument for shaving fish.

- A washed up former Rockstar who has spent seven years attempting to master the art of licking his own scrotum. Unsuccessfully.
Wow, look at Padraic doing his lower back stretches... again.
by Danimalism April 26, 2011
10 28
a worthless scum runner with no future
"who is that worthless scum runner with no future"

"oh that's just Padraic"
by sugar_shoes May 25, 2009
23 108