noun: instrument used to administer a paddling to your misbehaving bitch woman when she does not treat her man propery. Generally wood, plastic or leather. A proper paddle should be long enough to reach across both buttocks, and be wide and heavy enough to be clearly heard in the next room even with the door closed.

verb: Process of administering a paddling to a wench who has gotten away with far too much for far too long. The paddling should occur on bare buttocks to have greatest effect and should not stop until said buttocks are quite red (NOT pink!) and hot all over. When the woman starts begging you to stop figure you are about 1/3 done. If the woman does not try to rub the sting away when you are done you have failed to paddle correctly.

Man, I heard your brother-in-law really paddle his wife last night in the guest room. What a wonderful idea, maybe I can borrow his paddle for tonight. You have not been behaving like a proper wife at all!

Woman, due to your inability to keep on budget we are going to adopt a new household rule. You are going to work out each dollar overspent at the business end of a paddle, at a rate of 10 swats per dollar.

by fessee May 09, 2007
A code word used by parents said to their children, really meaning that they are going to a couple's anal sex orgy for a few hours.
Mom: Me and Daddy are going to paddle tonight, well be back at 11!

Spencer: Ok Mom have fun! I hope you win!
by Mystic Hugin February 04, 2013
Accidental Twat, with a bad hair cut, dress sense, sense of humour and a desire to be someone hes not. Suspected gay and all round condecending wanker.
Shut the fuck up you are being such a paddle.

You are turning into Padddle

by V.N.A.M May 09, 2006
a computer nerd like baby aish
Baby aish is such a paddle
by doobee June 15, 2003
Synononym for game controller originating in New England.
Can you pass me the paddle?

Can you pass me the controller
by Montanaaa April 06, 2015
A broad board used to push with such as a canoe or a board used to strike.
I use a paddle to canoe.
by angryatnocommonsense January 29, 2015

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