To be fired from your employment while on vacation.
Poor old Surdin, sitting in Thailand getting a BJ having a great of a time and he gets pacoed!
by Maverik234 September 16, 2009
Top Definition
To be 'pacoed' is to be in the presence of someone who has just made a completely unintelligible statement, resulting in your confusion and complete lack of understanding.

Also, 'pacoed' refers to a state of complete pointlessness.
Ravi was left 'pacoed' after Richard had called him at work. Again.
by ArsenalArmada December 12, 2007
When an undersized woman approaches you and grabs your privates while yelling "ARE YOU NERVOUS NOW!?" and then walks away
Example 1: Dude i was walking down the hall when charlie totally pacoed me.
by Metrocon Dancing Panda July 01, 2011

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