Making sure you have a condom with you before going out for a night of drunken debauchery when it is more likely than not that you will end up hooking up with some skeezy rotten-crotch at the end of the night.
Chance: "Yo G. You packin' heat tonight?"

Hunter: "Fo real B. Last weekend I ended up bare backin' that nasty bander-snatch and had to go to the clinic on Monday to get my shit checked. You bet your sweet nuggets I'm packin' heat from now on!"
by TripWire9 June 01, 2010
Top Definition
you are armed with a gun
"Man shit. Tony's packing heat."
by SLOGAN December 06, 2002
To have a gun on your person at any given time.
I'm packin heat now that I'm out all night downtown.
by Miklus August 07, 2006
1. The act of carrying a firearm on one's person.

2. When a person is well-endowed. Male: Used when referring to a man who has a large penis. Female: Used when referring to a woman who has large and shapely breasts and/or a large and shapely ass.
"Girl, did you fuck him? Is he packin heat?"

"That girl is stacked up, she's packin heat."
by The Cracka Atacka December 30, 2009
Having a bunch of hot pockets in ur pocket or on ur person
Man im hungry are you packin heat?
by smmmiiifffff December 06, 2008
To have a bigger dick than your size suggests.
Mike: Hey man I saw this short old armenian dude buying two boxes of magnums in 7-11 the other day.
Jason: Holy shit, either he's sellin' condoms to the bruthas on the street or he's packin' heat.
by Michael Whalen December 13, 2007
An increasingly popular scooter gang located in Chicago, IL. Members are typically known for riding with a slight buzz to Cubs games, local pubs and street festivals.
Are you riding with Packin Heat this weekend?
by Trent Hoffman April 22, 2008
A deal breaker between two people attempting to form a relationship.

To have kids/be a parent
A mom or dad/father or mother
Someone with kids
Friend: Girl, that guy at work is hot!

Other Friend: I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure he's packin' heat.

Person A: I met the most amazing guy the other day, I know we're soul mates for sure.
Person J: Do I know him?
Person A: Yeah it's C from Giant Eagle
Person J: Oh my god, he's packin' serious heat!
Person A: Aw man, forget that!

adjective; to describe someone
by Jessiee February 24, 2013

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