1) (Literal) To prepare a lunch meal for travel
2) (Slang) To be prepared for a long effort
3) (Slang) To wear a false penis, esp. a lesbian/bisexual woman
We're going up to the park for a picnic, I'm going to pack a lunch.
If he's going to tangle with me, he'd better pack a lunch.
At the lesbian bar, half the women were dressed as men and packing lunches.
by Drew January 28, 2006
Top Definition
When a person is socially out of sync during the present gathering . This tern is NOT : degrading or contemptuous to the person out of sync . This is also a SLANG term .
1. A person is off topic .
2. Not cluing in to what a particular conversation is about .

The next person will reply in a humorous tone of voice "pack-a-lunch"
by Hef July 04, 2005
Slang for telling a person they're going to have a hard time kicking your ass.
Johnny: "You better stop eye ballin my ho or I'm gonna jack you in the grill!"

Jimmy: "Oh yeah, you better pack a lunch bitch!"
by Tipton June 14, 2007
if someone threatens violence, respond with "pack a lunch"
meaning that you intend to beat them all day long.
hey punk im gunna beat your ass

pack a lunch bitch
by slickrikki December 13, 2007
To back a Bowl full of weed
Lets go pack a lunch and get stoned

The other night when I packed a lunch with C breezy I learned Crank dat Lion King
by Stunna Shadesss January 04, 2008
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