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When someone is so drunk their words begin to come out wrong. In this case they voluntarily are trying to say they are drunk.
They are saying Fucked up, but it comes out as Packout.
"i dont think I can drink anymore.. I'm too packout already!"

by youwinperfect December 31, 2008
1.Fucked up.
2. Inebriated; drunk, under the influence.
Mariot suggested that they all go to Eeeemer's house, buy some drinks, and get pack out.

"Don't make fun of his faded purple suit, that's pack out."

by Reg-E January 29, 2006
Completely Full, Overflowing
A: Let's hang out at the bar
B: Nah, its pack out

'By the time we arrived it was already pack out'
by Meistralities October 20, 2009
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