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Word that is used when surprising someone
hiding behind trashcans waiting for friend. Friend walks by.
You: PACHOW!!!!
Friend: Holy Crap
and then he craps him self
by ungaru July 04, 2007
A word that can be used for any given reason at any given time.

Very much like the word pie, it can answer any question, break awkward silences and can be used as an exclamation of joy, among other things...

Variations: Pachowie
Example 1
-awkward silence-
Person 1: Pachow!!!
Person 2: Erm... What?
Person 1: Yep... That's right... Pachow.

Example 2
Person 1: Yeah!!! Pachow!!!

Example 3
Person 1: What is the numerical value of pi?
Person 2: Pachow...
Person 1: lol what?

-end of question-
by Danimono December 14, 2011
An exclamation, a lot like "wow". It can also be used to describe someone with a lot of style.
by J.L, and I.J June 01, 2010
a word ment to sound cool
your sitting in the car and it gets all silent then all the sudden ur frend yells "PACHOW!" and now u have something to talk about
by person98789 July 12, 2010
An onomatopoeic interjection used to introduce the final (often unexpected) result; fanfare.
She told me there was no way I was going to get the job but I just submitted my resume and *pachow*, instant hire!
by LawyerLex August 30, 2010
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