pac-man a magic pixie that consumes your stash of weed and other drugs.
pac-man ate my stash
by blizzo February 17, 2004
someone who is of southeast asian origin
hey! pac-man! how ya doin'?
by earl duke the ninth of antares October 10, 2006
A maverick hustler that attempts to make money on the turf of other hustlers.In most cases he isn't welcomed if called a PAC-MAN.
An out of town drug dealer attemting to sale his product in and already established area. Was up with this "PAC-MAN" shit.We don't mind if you get money but you can't get it here baby!.
by Rahsean December 21, 2005
n. 1. A slang term that denotes oral sex created by myself in the early 90's, based on the hardware perhiperals and physical attributes existing within the original Namco arcade game of Pac-Man, to which all that the game ultimately consists of, is:

a. A joystick
b. A mouth
"So what'd you and that hot girl do last night?"

"We hung out and ended up playing some Pac-Man ;)"
by TheWarlock May 16, 2005
Many people believe that pacman is the best game ever created and an all time classic. But of matter of fact a Pacman is actually a corner shop owning, Nissan driving, Turban wearing, 9/11 foriegner.
Fairhurst - Ibrar describe your angin dad
Ibrar - My dad is a corner shop owning, Nissan driving, Turban wearing, 9/11 foriegner.
Fairhurst - Egh ees a Pacman.
Ibrar - Sea went to see on a sieve it did on a ....
Carloso - Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir what is SIIIIEVE
Mr O'Brien - Carloso it is a cooking utensil
Carloso - OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite
by DOMGORMAN May 13, 2006
an individual who has everything going for him. etc. women, karma, drugs
i wish i could be pac-man. usually a seller
by shane May 04, 2003

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