An album put forth by an unknown indie band in an effort to appeal to the masses. Classic examples are Nirvana's Nevermind and Radiohead's Pablo Honey. Both albums have an annoying pop sensibility that has not been well received in the indie world. Ironically, these albums launched both of these band's commercial careers.
Dude, I think we should do a pablo honey, we need to start making money. Then we can do whatever the fuck we want!
by A midigon November 15, 2007
Top Definition
Underrated Radiohead debut, featuring Radiohead classics You, Blow Out, Lurgee, Anyone Can Play Guitar, and, perhaps Radiohead's most popular song, Creep. Often forgotten by even the most diehard Radiohead fans because it is Radiohead's weakest album, even though, by itself, it is a solid record.
Kid A: That song You where Thom has that sick scream, is that on The Bends?

Kid B: No dude, that's off their first album, Pablo Honey.
by ElChap May 14, 2006

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