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A comedy, one of the best films of the year 2006, where solid films were hard to find. It's biggest star was Steve Carell, however everyone, from Toni Collette to child star Abigail Breslin, contributed brilliantly. Came out during the summer, and it described a dysfunctional family from Alberquerque on a road trip to California for the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pagent. Will be known as one of the best family films, and has an exceptional soundtrack with contributions from Devotchka and Sufjan Stevens.
It's good to see a Sundance hit like Little Miss Sunshine get decent recognition in the Box Office.
by ElChap September 10, 2006
Underrated Radiohead debut, featuring Radiohead classics You, Blow Out, Lurgee, Anyone Can Play Guitar, and, perhaps Radiohead's most popular song, Creep. Often forgotten by even the most diehard Radiohead fans because it is Radiohead's weakest album, even though, by itself, it is a solid record.
Kid A: That song You where Thom has that sick scream, is that on The Bends?

Kid B: No dude, that's off their first album, Pablo Honey.
by ElChap May 14, 2006
An indie band from Philadelphia and Brooklyn who achieved their fame through the internet rather than through record labels. Their self-titled album has received much critical acclaim, including a score of 90 from Pitchfork Media. With all the attention they have turned down many record deals, though signing to an independent label in the UK. No one can doubt the chemistry the band has from their clangy guitars to thumping drums, but lead vocalist Alec Ounsworth's singing style often either makes you love or hate the band. While many think his singing style is original and goes with the fun loving style of the band(including myself), many hear it as a crackity turn off.
Guy: You ever heard of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah?

Other guy: You crazy hipsters and your "indie music".
by ElChap September 19, 2006

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