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a slang term for penis-a man's private. Used if you dont want anyone to know what the hell you are talking about!
I had sex with this guy and he had a 10 inch long pa-nay-nay
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The male equivalent of the vajayjay. Male genitalia, or penis.
It's gonna take one ginormous panaynay to cap Kournikova's vajayjay.
by coffeebot February 09, 2008
Vagina, as in female birth canal, or fun place as is referred to by the African Tribe of Ruwanda. More specifically poofy vagina, also known as meatcurtains.
Woah that girls panaynay was huge, almost lost my hand in it!
by davenukem May 13, 2009
A term used when you don't have a good comeback.
person1: Yo momma's so ugly that she could pass for chubaka's brother.
person2: Yeah?! Well go shove it up your pa-naynay!
by Tori & Maria Ellemenos July 10, 2008

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