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1. Species of primate, most often found near a LCD monitor and an ADSL accessible PC. Forearms have evolved in a lengthened manner, and right hand and fingers have evolved strangely similar to the shape of a microsoft optical mouse. Left hand is of a different morphology, most similarly imitating the pattern of 'W,S,A,D' keys on a common keyboard.

2. CS player - says it all
pH: Sorry cant play WC3, am playing CS
by Jim January 06, 2004
291 150
short for power hug \ used at end of informal letters or text messages instead of the Xs and Os representing kisses and hugs
The best part of any airport is always ‘Arrivals’ – everywhere you look there’s a PH happening.
by elsquid November 03, 2011
1383 467
Ph stands for Potential Heat. It is commonly used when scoping out babes from a distance. It is most common when a girl is to far away to tell if shes really sexy because of not being able to see her face.
Man I was watching some ph in the parking lot
by CKEXPERIANCE June 24, 2010
550 368
(noun/adj.): ph is short for pale hood, aka a white person who acts or dresses in a hood/ghetto manner.
- "check that ph, he got the latest air force ones"
by hollaataplaya January 04, 2005
706 528
added to the end of many words when feeling silly or like the the management often does
"you feelin silly cato?"

by the management May 09, 2004
505 330
party hardy!!!
Are you ready to ph tonight?!?!?
by the pher May 26, 2009
370 201

the job of the penis hunter is to shoot off peoples penises and trap it in a jarrr
why? nobody really knows
person 1: watch out for the pH!!!
person 2: what pH?!?!?
pH: GRAWRRR *shoots off person 2's penis && traps in a jar*
by candyluvr5 October 25, 2009
397 232
-Stands for Power of Hydrogen and counted in moles/liter, it represents the acidity of a substance. pH value of less than 7 means that the substance is an acid, higher means that it's a base.

-Slang for the letter f, and vise virsa.
Lemons have a pH level of around 2.25

Phuck, I flunked my fizix exam.
by Numb3r October 18, 2005
436 271