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Derived from internet games such as Counter-Strike, where your score goes hand in hand with the number of frags one has.
N. The annoying crapface with a score of 1 - 23 that won't shut up about how his "noob" team "sucks" because they won't listen to him/her when he/she gives commands with no authority what-so-ever.
V. p0on- The act of p0oning.
crapface with score of 1 and 23 - "My team sucks, you are all so nub, you stupid noobs."

weasel with score of 23 and 1 - "Lol, ftsu, you're such a pooner. I'm so entertained by your downfall, that I will not only do nothing to protect you from the enemy, I will actually give you up to the enemy."

crapface with score of 1 and 25 - "STFU U NOOB!" *disconnect*
by {Wraith}>>weasel December 12, 2004
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