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Short for the word phucktard. Someone who is extremely stupid, moronic, and a complete fucking idiot.

The combination of two seperate words: 1. "Fucking" and 2. "Retard". Shortened to "Phucktard." and reduced further to "p-tard".
My ex is the biggest p-tard in the world!

by "L" September 20, 2008
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1. Ptard is the short form of the words "pretty tard".

2. An attractive person who acts like a tard but is generally accepted because of their looks.
Danni is a sweet looking ptard.
by Scollardical June 24, 2007
A retarded penis usually curving to the left a ways, creating awkward sex with a male or female. Most likely to go in "the wrong whole".
-Girl: "OMG did you have sex with him last night?
-BFF: " yeah, it was terrible... he was a Ptard and was doing my pee hole the whole time!"
-Girl: "how terrible!"
by yourfagmother February 22, 2011

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