A nicer way of using the word pussywhipped -- this way of spelling it also bypasses the onboard censors found on many BBSs.
Jeff was so p-whipped, he couldn't even uranate without his domineering wife knowing about it.
by Telephony August 12, 2011
Top Definition
to be a complete pussy and do anything your girlfriend asks.
see also pussy whipped
daniel: hey guys i dont think i'll come out tonight,i'm going to see jes
nick: dude you are so fucking p whipped
by 123TruthMcnilne July 31, 2005
Pussy whipped.
A man will pretty much do anything for the woman.
gabe-"marco you're pwhipped"
marco-"I don't do everything she tells me do"
by theman941 July 16, 2010
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