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1. n. 19070- present day funk band parliment funkadelic under the direction of George Clinton, which at one point had a membership of 150.
2. n. Pure funk, uncut, unmixed; an example would be James Brown "Make it Funky" or "Flashlight" by Parliment Funkadelic.
3. n. Plainfield funk, being that much of the band is from Plainfield NJ, and much of it still resides there.
Make my funk the P-Funk
I want my funk uncut
Make my funk the P-Funk
I wants to get funked up.
I want the bomb,
I want the P-Funk
I want my funk uncut.
Make my funk the P-Funk
I wants to get funked up.
by L-Trane W. January 13, 2006
42 19
Pure, uncut Funk, the Bomb; also Parliament-Funkadelic
(see FUNK)
keep funkin the p funk and you will understand
by bootsy collins April 16, 2003
261 80
A nickname for a Parliament Light cigarette.
Hey, can I bum a P-Funk off you?
by babyrainbow August 08, 2003
217 93
A co-mingling of the names 'Parliament' and 'Funkadelic', two popular 70's funk bands (which were, conveniently enough, the same band).
'Make my funk the P-Funk, I wants to get funked up.'
by Agrajag November 10, 2002
110 27
A Parliament Cigarette
"Yo, lemme get a P Funk."
by Dr. Ladd June 27, 2005
158 79
Parliment cigarettes, as referred to by many who smoke them. Known for there recessed filters and stronger taste. The best smokes you can get.
Make my funk the p-funk i want to get funked up. Make sure it's the p-funk before you fire it up.
by nicname October 06, 2005
99 36
often used as slang for parliament cigarettes, a distinct feature of the cigarettes is a recessed filter used primarily for inhaling a small ammount of cocaine from the end of the filter before smoking.
i always take a bump of coke off my p-funk before i smoke it.
by andrew_b. October 25, 2007
75 23
Pure uncut Funk, the Bomb; also Parliament Funkadelic
Make my funk the P- Funk, I want my funk uncut...
by Star Child July 29, 2003
48 9