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Interjection usually pronounced with a Spanish raising tone expressing surprise due to disclosure of facts related to flirts, fantasy or sexual conducts of one's friend.
- "Were is Michael?"
- "He's having lunch with Jessica."
- "Oyoyoy!!"

- "This girl is really nice, I met her at the library... I mean not only there but..."
- "Oyoyoy!!!!!!"

- "Can you pass me the bottle of Squirt© please?"
- "A bottle of squirt? Oyoyoy!!!"

- "How did you like the ballet show?"
- "It was really good! Especially the part when Juliet's dad wants her to suck him off. Did you see his package? She totally did him!"
- "Oyoyoy!"
by zajebali_su_se January 19, 2012
An exclaimation of pleasure during sexual intercourse.
Keel yelled "OY OY OY" when she reached the point of no return
by "Teddy" February 14, 2004
When a lady of the eve is deepthroating your shaft and this is all you can say.
"Oy oy oy" i'm about to cum!
by ima5starnun September 22, 2014

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