A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined. Americans are uncultured morons.
The suggestion from the intelligent american was met by a deafening silence.
Contradiction number one is a joke but not an oxymoron, number two is from the Oxford English Dictionary
by Stultus von Americana September 23, 2003
A stupid idiot with zits.
That oxymoron didn't have to be able to play connect the dots on his face. The oxy pads were sitting right there!
by engtchr July 18, 2006
someone so stupid they forget to breathe.
man, that dude couldn't find his ass with both hands...he's a fucking oxymoron.
by jotthedot March 31, 2006
A moron that is out of breath.
by Praetoriani May 12, 2005
see homophobe ...
Oh noes it's teh homos!!
by Oh I'm tho thcared May 07, 2005
A coupling of words that contradict each other, yet are combined to form a new phrase.
Smart Americans
Great American President
United states
by is my own May 27, 2005
huh? wtf? say what? ??????????
by question authoritah May 08, 2005

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