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a term used to describe a person who follows the ways of Joseph Smith but tries really hard to be something else and fails miserably. Some examples-- Mormon Slut, hard Drinkin Mormon
A feminist mormon is an oxymormon
#mormon #lds #joseph smith #oxymoron #utah #salt lake city
by Park City Madman January 25, 2008
A mormon who acts in a way noncompliant to the ways of the Mormon Church.
A: Did you see her at the club? Short skirt, and about three guys hanging off her? Isn't she a MORMON???

B: Nah, she's an OXY-Mormon.

A: *Smiles and nods knowingly*
#oxy #mormon #moron #oxymoron #oxymormon #play on words
by RenaChan October 26, 2009
A member of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) who is either a liberal and/or progressive in their political views.
John: "Hey did you hear that Elder Christensen is voting for Obama?"

William: "Yes, he is such an Oxymormon."

politics progressives liberals left democrats
#politics #progressive #liberal #left wing #mormons #religion
by Anonym912 January 12, 2012
One of any faith who states they belong to a religion, but frequently goes against that religion's own beliefs.
Bro 1: Did you hear Cathy is on birth control?
Bro 2: Yeah, but isn't she Catholic?
Bro 1: Well, I guess she's an oxymormon now.
#religion #mormon #oxymoron #beliefs #faith
by MARLOWMAX2000 September 27, 2012
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