A living human who continues to waste valuable oxygen that many feel would be best preserved for other uses. The oxygen is predominantly wasted through the beings ineffective contribution to society leading many to question their existence on the planet.
"Jim, who is this big-titted mongloid on the front on the newspaper?"

"Bob, Thats Katie Price, she is the biggest oxygen thief known to man"
by aKp123 February 21, 2010
A person who is incompetent or a mutherfucker. It is someone who is useless to humanity and is wasting the oxygen that a normal person could be breathing, just by being alive and breathing. Originated in Australia.
Person 1: "Bob is a dickhead, he can't get anything right".
Person 2: "Yeah, he's a fucking oxygen thief".
by aurelius maximus April 13, 2013
A person who is a waste of breath, and serves no purpose in this world. Commonly used by school principals
The 5 percent of the school are oxygen thiefs!
by the jew aka brandon jacobs August 22, 2011
Someone who claims social benefits, whilst claiming to be incapable of working.
Usually found smoking weed and drinking, might also be seen playing sports.
Oi you smelly Oxygen Thief, get a fucking job

Andrew Paul is an oxygen thief
by simples May 27, 2010
Those in our community that consume OXYGEN but are of no real value. Particularly those who inhale large amounts of OXYGEN and exhale copious amounts of CARBON DIOXIDE in the process of expounding at great length on one issue or another. READ, POLITICIANS, LAWYERS, BARRISTERS, BANKERS, STOCKBROCKERS.
OXYGEN THIEF: Current Batch of bankers with thier hand in my pocket to bale them out after causing the WFC through thier own greed and arrogance. Current batch of politicians with thier hand in my pocket to give money to the current batch of bankers and stockbrokers.
What can a pidgeon in NYC still do that a stockbroker cant?
Leave a deposit on a BMW.
by MEANOLDBASTARD May 16, 2010
A ridiculously lazy person. A blood sucking leech. A moocher who does absolutley nothing to earn his or her keep.
For 8 Years Vice President Gore was the stereotypical oxygen theif. That was how he secured the Democratic Nomination
by Tim Freckman March 14, 2003
An elderly person who is clearly close to death but stubbornly refuses to walk towards the light. Their sole purpose seems to be the selfish depravation of others oxygen. They are only friends to plants and trees.
- I went down to the bank earlier today and couldn't move for bloody coffin dodgers drawing out their pension

- Tell me about it, my grandma's an oxygen thief, I wish she'd hurry up and die so I can get my hands on some cash
by Sam Calvert November 28, 2007
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