1. its oxycontin
2. its not deadly
3. contains a big orange lable that screams do not break crush or chew (thats why you morons overdose)
1.(my first experience with the dug)dude my friends step dad has cancer and has something called oxycontin is that the same as oxycotton?

2. ive been chewing oxys for so long that i bumped an 80 and i didnt feel shit.

3. damn i have no tolerence i took a whole oxy 10 and passed out
by mrza November 03, 2005
oxycotton-a morphine based drug that proves to be exstreamlly deadly when abused.
i had a really close friend of mine overdose on the drug this past saturday
by larry November 12, 2003
A pain killer for cancer
A drug that one of my best friend died of on the 15th of may.Never thought she did that crap,but it sure as hell is a lesson learned
by imissmypokey June 10, 2004
how posers who know nothing about oxy spell oxycotin
if you spell oxycotin as "oxycotton" then you obviously have never done it abd your abig poser and your moter dosent love you
by dannydapersian September 03, 2005

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