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Applies to the insertion of the finger into the vaginal passage with the simultaneous insertion of the thumb in the anus, then a the two digits are massaged together as crumbling an oxo cube.
Ask Jon 'Oxo Cube Boy' Ore
by Dillon March 16, 2005
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cannabis resin; due to the similarities in appearance with stock cubes.
person 1: "What's that in your pocket?"
person 2: "nuthin - just an oxo cube"
by Ronny St Papps December 19, 2004
The insertion of ones thumb into the anus with the simultaneous insertion of ones index finger into the vaginal opening. finger and thumb are then massaged together resembling the crumbling of an oxo cube.
Ask Jon 'oxo cube boy' Ore
by dillon March 10, 2005

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