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-noun; /ˌɒksiməˈrɒnɪk/ Pronunciation Key - ok-see-muh-ron-ik; a derivative of the word oxymoron, it is a state in which one's emotional or mental state contradicts their physical state; To feel one way and be in the action of doing or being incongrous to that feeling
"oxmoronical" as used in general conversation:

Tammy: "Hey Biff!! I feel so tired, but I'm wide the fuck awake, oxymoronical, huh?"

Biff: "Hey Tammy!! I don't give a shit."

Tammy: "Maybe it's the crack?"

Biff: "Yeah. That or the Pepsi & coke smoothie you took to the dome."
by Yes Yes Y'all August 26, 2008

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