Maori slang for "man" as in "wassup man?" hence becoming "wassup ow?"

Pronounced heavily (try saying "ouch" but cutting off before the "ch" sound)
It's most famous use, was by Jeff da Maori in NZ cartoon "Bro Town". Jeff got blamed for smelling like fart when he replied, "Not even ow!"
by FOBMAN May 08, 2005
Pronouced: "Ouw" like Ouch! yet Ouwwww

The start of a greeting to another individuals nick name. Commonly used in South Africa.
Oww Homeslice! Bring me some pie!

Oww Proffesor Redman, how you doing over there mate?!

Owww Superhero! Wheres the party at bro?

Oww Poepface! When we jamming some tunes bra?!
by Mystro55 September 29, 2011
Feeling dumb. Sort of the same as "made you look" concept. Feeling like you've just been played.
Chris-"I left my keys in the car"

Chris-"Look there goes the president"
(Matt turns to see)
by Matroplis April 09, 2008
A girl jacks you off (with lotion hopefully) and when you cum you hit yourself on the side of your face with semen...then say "ow". She believes she hurt you when in fact you only hurt your dignity, then you and her proceed to laugh hysterically at the awkward but comical moment.
Ya ya ya right there...OW!
by Ow Ow Ow February 12, 2009
1.A word to use when mis - treated or got a bad deal, used often in english maori new zealand speach!

2.Also used in other english maori sentences. e.g in translation to a person
1. Ow give my brothers skateboard back

2. Nah Ow I did'nt get my shoes back
by Mr Miyagi May 26, 2004
Used when one cannot complete the word 'wow'
"ow! hat's mazing"
by thetree December 11, 2003
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