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Derogatory term for a Maori which has many meanings such as poor, filthy, underclass, rugged etc.

However the term hori has become somewhat acceptable between certain youth these days and is now used in more of a positive way in greeting one another instead of using it as a direspective way.
Maori1: Sup my hori what chu been up to kuzzy?
Maori2: Nafing aye just getting wasted bout u bro
Maori1: yeah nah same aye
Pakeha: Gosh you have a filthy mouth you bloody hori
Maori2: what stuff you lady wanna hiding
by jawmalawm24 March 21, 2008
East Coast Maori frequently used this as a substitute for many words like mate, friend, fellow, cousin, bro etc.
Kuzzy1: Sup ow what chu up to?
Kuzzy2: Nafing aye just chillin
Kuzzy1: ow stink why u don't come kick it at da pub
Kuzzy2: Nah I'm not coming with you ow u suck
by jawmalawm24 March 21, 2008

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