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=> Overprotected (by mum).

=> Innocence preserved (by mum).

=> Made unfun, unexciting, uncool, and/or awkward (by mum).

Root Google define "mummify": 2. "Shrivel or dry up (a body or a thing), thus preserving it."
A: "What's up with her..."
B: "Overmummified childhood."

A: "How was travelling?"
B: "Overmummified. -_-"

A: "FLORIDA? Lucky!"
B: "Nah. Gonna be overmummified. No wild beach parties."

Awkward conversation with friend in front of mom:
(Blah blah blah... Hahaha...)
(Mom leaves)
"Well, that was overmummified!"
by innovator072413 July 25, 2013

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