One on neoseeker who is highly renowned for many things.

-Being a funny guy
-Having boobies in his signature
-Apparently being 12(?)
-Not liking girls

He is also very commonly referred to as "oK"

Jesh- "oK is cool because his sig has boobies."

GexTheLizard- "oK is cool because his signature has boobies"

The Killing Light- "oK is awesome because his last post made me lol"
by The Killing Light July 03, 2009
A very large man who wears black everything and likes to punch random people at random times. Extremely powerful, he can even eat stale french bread. He enjoys jokes that involve hurting others. He calls them "knee-slappers".

He is the ruler of the Dark Clan and creator of the "Darklings". Ryo's best friend and worst enemy.

He also enjoys cookies. :)
Oh Shit! It's OVERKILL!

OVERKILL just stole that guy's pizza!

Ryo: Hey OVERKILL, what's up?
OVERKILL: It's over 90403493812723458467954872348356!!!!!
Ryo: Shut up.
Ryo: Shut up.
by OVERKILL AWAKENED April 09, 2008
Graffiti beyond what it is needed. beyond killed.

also refers to doing someting stupid with graffiti or ddoing something corny.
Dude, I know your out to kill that shit but you can't even read your name anymore! that shit is overkill...
by DigDug March 08, 2004
the practice of doing something to much or repeating the same joke. mostly used in humor or competitions.
knock knock!
whos there?
tiny who?
tiny fucked a stump!
dude he fucked ir hard.
n fast!!!
n the he droped a huge load of jizzu-----
ok fag, dont overkill it.
by Madd Jester September 05, 2003
A freshman band at ASU that think they can feel better about themselves by preying on bands with more potential by saying that they're emo when that was their first show ever. Then Thoth was not death metal but now they are, and if you would actually read the lyrics you would know that there is no trace of emo in any part of the rhetoric. You have no idea what Thoth really sound like so you can simply just go and think you are the greatest band ever, simply because you need to to keep your minds off your tiny pricks.
Wow, so I heard that the band Overkill cummulatively has less testosterone than a little girl in second grade.
by Unas, Slayer of the Gods February 12, 2005
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