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like a freestyle, except most freestyles nowadays aren't truly freestyles. rapping over someone else's beat.
that eminem overdub on over by drake was pretty sick.
by thewildman September 05, 2010
two facing; saying two different (and usually false) statements or doing two or more diverse actions to another for selfish gain
To the dumb, pretty girl to impress her:
"I'm a doctor" (so I have the credentials to bag you)

To the intelligent, bitchy, materialistic type:
"I have a BMW" (so you can impress her and bag her since she says, "I only date men who drive a BMW)

To the professional, intellectual type:
"I went to Harvard law, was a Rhodes Scholar, and I make millions, as well as the fact that live in Beverly Hills --- then you borrow your rich friend's house, car, and counterfeit and alter his Harvard degree to make it look bonafide.
by John Shin December 27, 2003