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The procedure or taking something easy or simple and turning it into an perplexing labyrinthine cluster F*** that accomplishes the exact same thing you already had...
I used browse out to our software drive and run setup to install the software the user requested. Then put the computer name in a spreadsheet and I was done. 15 minutes… Tops.

Now I have to do this:
First run the C++ requirement separately…
msiexec /i \\Shares\Software\Microsoft\Runtimes\MS Visual C++ 2010 SP1\extract\vc_red.msi /qn

Then run the installer for Adobe…
msiexec /i \\Shares\Software\Adobe\AIP-AcrobatXIPro11.0.4\AcroPro.msi TRANSFORMS=\\scwa.loc\Shares\Software\Adobe\SCWA_XI_Pro_License.mst /qb

"It's not working?" Say's the “Genius” that set it up and now can’t figure out how to fix it…

by Clyder March 18, 2014
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