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Phrase said when someone has given up hope and is suicidal.
I would've killed myself if he said he didn't love me. Just those words can send me over the edge.
by GhettoPrincess April 20, 2005
38 15
Something otherwise indefinably amazing, shocking or surprising.

Also, an exclamation substitute for "Oh My God".

Abbreviated: "OTE"
Over the edge! My boss called me into his office today. I thought I was going to get fired but instead I got a raise!
by Sue-de-Nimes June 27, 2011
11 6
The official Student Newspaper at the University of Northern British Columbia - known for ass jokes, electing support posts to the Editorial Board, and general douchbaggery.
"Over the Edge is my favourite student newspaper"

"Oh my GOD mine too!"
by Care Bear November 13, 2004
6 26