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2-4 Shots of Vodka poured into a red solo cup and mixed with half a can of coors light aka N.W.O. light. The red cup signifies the wolfpack. This powerful drink was named after Scott Hall and his ability to pound down 20 of these before WCW ppvs.
Scott: Pour me an outsiders edge.

Kevin: You've had enough hall.

Scott: Hey fuck you where were you when my life was going down hill

Kevin: 20 outsiders edges is too much go backstage.
by rken1234 May 29, 2009
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Jerking off with your hand on the outside of your pants, i.e. in class, at work, or while driving.
Harris was giving himself the Outsider's Edge during government class yesterday...he thought no one knew, but we all saw the stain.
by BHunt September 21, 2003
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