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Verb: in homo sapiens species, when two males compete over a female through sperm competition, the higher ranking male and consequently the winner of the seduction process is said to have outdicked the lower ranking male, aka he has a bigger dick.
Beta male: WTF? That kid is all over your girlfriend bro, why don’t you beat his ass right now.
Alpha male: let him have her and she’ll come back crying to be with me again in less than a week. I can outdick the shit out of that noob anytime.
by Toilette June 08, 2015
To out-dick means that someone has made a more mean comment than everyone else on some issue. It's a competition, especially in joking or insulting conversation, to be the bigger asshole of the conversation. It should be used as a verb.

Out-dick; out-dicked; out-dicking are some various forms of the word.
Rob out-dicked Mike with his comment about Mike's mother.
by creator2010 April 24, 2010
To have a bigger penis than others, to Out-Do somebody in that area. Applied when the outdicker is younger, or of a race not expected to be bigger than the outdicked.

Derived from the word outdid/ outdone.
Wow, my little brother outdicks you!

Psh, you got nothing, I totally outdick your little five incher!
by bigger than you June 01, 2011
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