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Oundle is a small market town in Northamptonshire, about twenty minutes from Peterborough (aka shitehole) and 30 minutes from Kettering (aka bigger shitehole). Oundle has a few pubs and a large population of OAPs. (Regular oldies include a woman with an enormous stomach and a geriatric old lady who always sports a mini skirt.) Oundle is home to the well known boarding school Oundle School.

(pronounced Ow-ndle)

Oundle is dull as a pile of pig shite, but at least we don't live in Corby.

Person 1: I live in Oundle
Person 2: Arundel? Oh yes I've been there.
person 1: No, OUNDLE you moron.
by Noodle crew massive October 09, 2007
an oundle is when some one is misbehaving or wearing a blue hoody stolen from someone who stole it from oundle private school in oundle with oundle written on the bac in red letters.
Example 1:
Cara: i think I'll write a poem about jacking off to preggo porn today

Henry: oh cara dont be such an oundle

Example 2:
Henry: its cold outside, perhaps i'll wear my blue hoody

Cara: no henry! dont be an oundle!
by oundle face October 22, 2009
home of the original baseplate that is ....steve
steve i konw your the baseplate ,,,, you dont have to go on hungerstrike ...
by rutimes April 17, 2005