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William Gibson, one of the originators of the 'cyberpunk' science fiction genre, used the term "otaku" in his 1996 novel "Idoru". The meaning given, from a Japanese-translation computer function used by a character, was 'pathological techno-fetishist with social deficit'. The character so described spent much of his time online in a multi-user domain and subsisted on Ramen-type noodles and canned coffee. Although by Japan's rigorous social standards a "loser", the character was well-mannered and good-hearted.
"The otaku guys at my last school were into, like, plastic anime babes, military simulations, and trivia. Bigtime into trivia." -"Idoru", William Gibson
by Heather Cruikshank October 10, 2005
51 25
One who obsessivley desires to be a member of a certain ethnicity that he or she is quite obviously is not. The word specifically aplies to a person with an unhealthy obsession with the Japanese culture and uses various pieces of it's vernacular in his or her conversations. See also: wigger
The otaku who I conversed with watches nothing but Anime, and is quite frankly, a very creepy individual
by Calico_Jack September 21, 2003
8 32
Sometimes used in reference to a fan of anime (Japaense cartoons, examples are the popular television show Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon. *proceeds to stab eyes out with spork*), although actully meaning geek or nerd in Japanese. Think about that, its not very hard to figure out the transition.
by anonymous February 10, 2003
5 33
1. My girlfriend's dyslexic (allegedly) ex boyfriend.
2. Some Japanese word
3. A word I learned a few nights ago
Annoying Nerd: i am otaku
your more of one of these popular kids
Awesome girl: oh for fucks sake you are not, stop pretending to be japanese
Annoying nerd: otaku is jsut a word for a obsessive nerd... we are gamers, comics cartoons etc its a general word
Awesome girl: I dont fucking care
Annoying nerd: in schools there is the chart of ranks baiscly, each person in each year is in a class on that chart, popular kids like the preps and all footballers etc etc are neard the top and it works down to us geeks and nerds. i am in the geeks and nerds section we are baisicly seen as cast outs, we watch cartoons, play massive abounts of games and generally are nerds all around.
Awesome girl: I am aware of sub-culture...I dont need someone like you explaining the obvious to me...you may not be aware of this but I am not a spacker.
Annoying nerd: (insert whining nerd gibberish

You get the idea...
by Tom.111088 February 24, 2007
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Obsessed anime nerd. Closely ralated cousin of the wordJapanophileword.

Original word means somthing along the lines of "loser" in Japanese.
I can't tell anyone I like Evangelion, I'll be branded an otaku fag for life!
by NINny July 15, 2003
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An over excited geek that thinks they can speak Japanese just because they're anime fans. These specimen are also found at Anime Conventions dressing up as their favorite character, usually making asses out of themselfs while they pose for a picture.

Sure signs that you might be an Otaku;

1. You memorized every single anime song that you've heard.

2. When you turn down a college because they don't have a decent anime club.

3. If you start daydreaming that your girlfriend or boyfriend is an anime character.

4. You've seen one anime over 100 times.

5. You start wearing Sailor Moon underwear.

Please, stop the madness.
Otaku: OHAYO GOZAIMASU!!! ^__^
Normal Person: Uh?
Otaku: Toire wa doko desu ka??? @_@;;
Normal Person: ... What the fuck.
by Zerg Rushin' Fun July 31, 2004
47 78
Crazed Anime fanatic (much like myself) often speaking wapanese (I do Sometimes, and spend late nights downloadind and or translating Japanese comicbooks because THOSE DAMN PEOPLE A SHONEN JUMP DONT PUT NARUTO OUT IN ENGLISH FAST ENOUGH!!!!! srry about that i just get a little INSANE sometimes. :}
Wow that guy just sits there and reads Japanes naruto comics.... He must be an Otaku.
by Shusaki February 19, 2005
14 57
Many emo kids, goths, ravers, furry and anime fans, gays, and pretty much anyone else who is different are targeted fairly often for mockery by Something Awful and Portal Of Evil crowd.

Wouldn't it be funny if the emo kids, goths, ravers, furry and anime fans, gays and anyone else these guys targeted all joined forces and mocked them back?

Nah. That wouldn't be nice. It would be funny, though.
I'm not really into anime, so I guess I don't qualify as an otaku. It's okay to like anime, though. Life wouldn't be as interesting if everyone were the same.
by Just An Idea October 28, 2004
21 77