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A beautiful teenage wasteland, were everybody loves everyone, and nothing ever goes wrong. Where you don't need to worry about the outside world, or any problems that exist out there.
A place to blaze, and to chill, and be happy, with the most amazing people you will ever meet.
A home.
If you hate life, go to OSMAP, get high, and forget about it.
by highlife May 14, 2007
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Open Source MApping Project. A program that can unprotect any StarCraft scenario file (map).

Now known as OSMAP2 due to the revamped code.
New mapmaker: HELP! I can't open this map! It keeps saying "This scenario is not valid"!!!!!!!
Assister: Use OSMAP to unprotect the map so you can learn from it!
by John Doe123 October 07, 2007

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