A sexy animal that you try to sleep on but it growls at you and then you follow it and lay on it again and it growls on you and then youve gotta go sleep on the couch.
Oshana had rabies, so I cuddled up against her even more.
by yenahsretnuh October 18, 2004
Top Definition
The first experience with beastiality.
I oshanaed that wildabeast two days ago.
by yenahsretnuh October 19, 2004
a furry hound that invokes one to exclaim "OSHANA!"
"look it's oshana"
by cup man October 19, 2004
A sexy guy with Beautiful eyes he is vary funny and weird and pretty cool that likes to play video games now and then
Hey oshana
by She is bae May 14, 2015
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