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original stoner group. The original group of people you started smoking with. Coined in the Bay Area, if you know it, your in.
Mark: Hey man want to hang out?
Jake: Can't, hanging with the OSG tonite...
Mark: Damn, wish I had one.
by JTKL January 08, 2013
A commonly used catchphrase by Southern California queens, especially Hillcrest betches meaning "Oh Shit Girl."

This abbreve (abbrebiation) has also made its way onto many t-shirts and is funniest when used with a very girly man or woman.
Did you see that fired-ass tranny walking across the street?

by ParisFired January 05, 2010
Old School Gamer (or Old Skool Gamer)
a Person who prefers old Games instead of new games
basically another word for retrogamer that was originated in a Dirty South Killa Song where he mentioned many Sega and Nes Games.
MAN1:"what are you playing"
MAN2:"super mario bros"
MAN1:"oh an OSG classic"
MAN2:"I am OSG so I love these kinds of games"
by JD West May 06, 2008