The name Orm, originating from the Latin base word ormni vio, meaning to be irresistible, is a name bestowed on few and deserved by even fewer. Keeping to their Latin roots, Orms have a horrible tendency to make you want them when they aren’t yours, and make it virtually impossible to stay away, despite good intentions. Though at one time believed to refer to an ignorant young Englishman, true scholars now insist that the name more likely refers to one who is first-rate, gnarly, rad, recherché, splendid, sterling, stupendous, and super-eminent. When one is interacting with an Orm they should take great caution, as Orms have the ability to make even the most intelligent girl babble uncontrollably, lose control of sane behavior, and occasionally even physically drool. Though many are initially distracted by his astounding wit, endearing charm, and intimidating good looks, those who truly get to know an Orm discover his two biggest flaws… his tendency to hide in a closet when faced by angry, water-ballooned, large, men, and most of all his propensity to make one fall entirely in love with him before they can even see what hit them.
Oh hey Orm...
by butterbuns June 25, 2010
Top Definition
Pubic hair that is no longer on the body, usually found in unexpected places.
Is it me, or is there an orm in my Kim Super Burrito.
by Otis Nixon December 26, 2003
overrepresented minority

usually either not given preference over underrepresented minorities or blatantly disfavored during admissions to institutions of higher education in order to produce student bodies that are more demographically similar to the total population

E.G. most notably Asian-Americans and non-immigrant Caucasians in the United States
Dude, you are the Asian and are therefore an ORM; you are fucked for medical school, law school, and engineering/ science graduate school admissions. If you don't follow the overachieving stereotypes about Asians, you have no chance.
by iubynot June 27, 2007
(n) On the way to an orgasm, but ran out of "gas". The feeling one gets when either not sufficiently excited or energetic enough to attain a climax.
I love you honey, but I am so tired that I can only have an orm.
by mattzcat January 11, 2010

A penis that does not exceed the size of an Earthworm. Much less does not even deserve to be called an earthworm, but rather, an Orm.

Archaic . a mean or belligerently drunk person that is exceedingly frustrated with having an Orm.

Origins. Notably all descendants of Asia.

Satisfied Man: "Wow that was amazing sex, thank god for my huge cock huh babe?"

Unsatisfied Woman: "Alan, you have an Orm..."
by Tyler Pungent November 19, 2010
Object-relational mapping in computer science is a programming technique for converting data between incompatible type systems in object-oriented programming languages.
Perhaps the most subversive issue I've had with ORMs is "attribute creep" or "wide tables", that is, tables that just keep accruing attributes.
by Zyoman August 06, 2014
of or relating to "Arms"
My orms are getting huge!
by Larry D. June 21, 2006

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