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Floridian Definition:

The only major city in Florida that every Floridian visits, but to which no Floridian ever willfully moves.

This arises for a couple of reasons:

1)Orlando is the only major city in Florida without a beach.

2)Floridians already see enough tourists, so Orlando is like Hell on Earth.
"Sorry bro, your Orlando lakes don't compare to my Miami beaches."

"Let's just go to Orlando for the day. I can't stand the Mouse much longer than that."

by GuillermoSoFla September 26, 2005
419 296
A city where people:
*Can't drive
*Are more often than not, a tourist
*Actually have to leave the clubs by 2:30
*Drive BMW's, but have foodstamps, WIC, 4-C, etc

Also, a city with never-ending construction which causes crazy back-ups on I-4
Orlando is HELL with a bungee cord.
by This.Girlie April 19, 2011
88 50
the city that sleeps at four.
omg its four. let the city of orlando sleep.
by love laurie December 02, 2007
184 160
kind of guy any girl would want to be with. Fun, Creative, Outgoing, Sincere, and Caring. Super cute, not a player and knows how to treat women. He fights for love and for what he wants. Keeps everything real & is never fake!
Random Convo
Girl - Have you heard about that Boy orlando? :O

Girl2 - Yea he's everything a girl wants in a guy!

Girl3 - OH YEA!
by ilovedefinitions11 June 18, 2011
39 21
where most people think Disney World is
Tourist: I thought Disney World is in Orlando, but I can't find it in the map of Orlando! Wtf!?

Local: Disney World is actually outside Orlando, it's like a half an hour drive southwest on Interstate 4 and it's a lot closer to Kissimmee and Lake Buena Vista.
by NHRHS2010 May 10, 2011
35 31
A tourist city in central Florida. Even though it has less than 200,000 people inside the city limits, people of Orlando refers to the city as "world class." Orlando has some of the most notorious slums in Florida (Pine Hills, Parramore) which are never highlighted because of its status as a tourist destination.
Without Disney, the city of Orlando wouldn't even be as big as Daytona.
by KRHimself June 26, 2005
60 61
Actually a Real Chill Place, aside from the Traffic, Tourists and all the other Attractions. People here ain't bad ( besides them murders ) though ain't too many since Orlando is heavily pop'd with others from around the world comin to visit Disney World, Unviersal and Sea World. Can never find dank here, that's my problem.
Example 1 )

Girl : Let's go To Orlando.

Boy : Fuck Nah, Tourists too Sketchy.

Girl : Nah Bitch we goin cause the got the Mickey Mouse and all that other good shit.

Boy : Jack Sparrow is my bed time Hero.

Girl : Ditto.
by xxAce July 07, 2011
5 11
The SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. Literally, this is the real deal. No one can beat this. Often used to say "great sex" and even "ONE NIGHT STAND"

Sometimes abbreviated as "Orl"
I had an orlando last night! best night of my life
by Statch February 12, 2009
32 48