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when a girl squirts on you dick soo much that you end up fucking in what seems to be a swimming pool. also when a girl makes noises that sound similar to elephants donkeys or thunder out your window. also when squirrells go after walnuts so fast that it makes u creme puff in your pants.
gary had an orgasm in his pants after the squirrell found a walnut.
by mr muffin man pan January 22, 2009
19 67
A good reason to forgive God for his sins.
-At least God have us something good; the orgasm.
by Chicago Bulls March 21, 2008
29 77
Something extremely exagerated and acted out.
She acted as if her punani was having an orgasm.
by B-ennett November 28, 2006
39 88
the best part of sex!!
uh uh uh i pupee! oo baby that was the best orgams i eva heard
by melez May 10, 2003
59 108
For Men: A great feeling at the end of sex. The releasing of endorphines, which gives a euphoric feeling

For Women: What orgasm?
Mint(♂): Wow, what a great orgasm i had last night with fat free Captain Morgans

Julip(♀): WTF Is an Orgasm????

Bennifer Vaugniston(☿):lispHey you guysss/lisp

Both: GTFO Herm!!!!
by Fuctosis August 10, 2006
62 117
a contraction of the genitals, usually followed by the male ejaculating. Women's orgasms last longer then mens.

also called: CLIMAX
when i was fucking some guy, i felt like i had an explosion in my body, it felt ggreat!!!
by mAURIA June 01, 2005
157 212
The point when sexual intercoarse hits climax; For women- An extremely pleasurable explosion in the lower third of the vagina and upper legs. For men a good feeling in the penis.
The female orgasm feels 5 times better than the male orgasm and is 3 times longer! This is why women make so much noise during sex and why you can tell when they are having an orgasm.
by jakememate February 28, 2011
37 106