A group of people with they're shoes off.

This is the actually definition....I looked it up.
We were all on the bed having a orgasm.
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by Molly Black October 25, 2009
When a man takes his penis and rubs it up and down until it spits, then even if he trys to keep goin, it tickels and he has to stop. Its very adictive!
by Sean April 11, 2004
a sudden feeling of pulsations or feel-good cramps in the vag. it feels fucking good!!!=p
lindsay- "on my mind....Nick..i wonder what he's thinkin' right now"
nick- "damn lindsay, your lookin fine..."
lindsay-"nick! do u have a fuckin' boner!!!!"
lindsay-secretly, shes wantin' some!
.....tip:guys when you are with a girl and she has feelings for you this may secretly be happening (an orgasm for those DA's out there).....girls tend to get in an uncomfortable mood and get really giggly when with friends!!!
#vag #vagina #boner #erection #girl boner #sexy time!!!!
by skankhoes June 11, 2009
when a person slices a block of cheese (normally american cheese) and then eats a piece.
it was a normal dinner for tim, he opened the fridge and pulled out his favorite block of american cheese. he proceeded to place it on the counter pull out a knife and cut 4 slices off. after placing the slices in a bowl he sat down on the floor and ate his cheese. the next morning at work he told everyone he had such a wonderful orgasm last night.
#poop #pie #small #chips #pop #gum
by Lisa Ann Stafelheimer February 22, 2008
What you mom had last night.
Me:Lets go do it.
Your mom: Nah you just made me have an orgasm
#cum #penis #orgasim #love making #milf
by Mom slayer. May 19, 2010
when a girl squirts on you dick soo much that you end up fucking in what seems to be a swimming pool. also when a girl makes noises that sound similar to elephants donkeys or thunder out your window. also when squirrells go after walnuts so fast that it makes u creme puff in your pants.
gary had an orgasm in his pants after the squirrell found a walnut.
#animal #fuck #tit #nose #tyler
by mr muffin man pan January 22, 2009
gregory ryans is the filmer of batman and robin anal sexing in the middle of the taco bell in the fourth hour of the fire ants..
meanwhile the kid climbed the mountains of glakmay while fingering his buttholw in the snowy wastelands of the llamas, and then the teacher came and rescued him and put a dunce cap on him while sexually molesting his nose hole, you can call it nasal sexing. During this, the foxes reincarnation of the dharma, the god of sigma, came to attack the guitar, and takes the pen and rips the fence open and the ivory cap of life dragonforce player masturbates in a hardcore fashion.

While playing bowling with his friends that appear to be smileys but they are actually fairies and then cody mcentire came out of nowhere, screams and leaves automatically feeling pleasured and satisfired.

Meanwhile, the kid meets up with the wolves of kardonyu and then takes the mighty pen of orgasm and draws a detailed picture of barbra streisand sandwiched inbetween a whale and a dolphin getting it on. And then the anglo indonesians mutants of atlantis combine themselves from the cummy waters of white sharks and then ibuki arrives with laurent nkunda and knifes his dick and recieves ultra ultra pleasure leading to his unxpected death.

Meanwhile, the mexican indians of atlantis gathered the mighty sperm of zeus and puts it in the kids milk. The kid then drinks it and cuts out his nose hole, feeling very pleasured with orgasms, and cuts his ass into fourths so he can feed his baby koala bears of the negro league.

And then the sunday morning post of gulmee's writer drifted herself to the flames of eternal hell leading to the end of the dummy squad who was driven to become the asshole of life being the messiah of all wildabeasts, and thats why we all say today in the year of the beach boys's reign over all of earth, fuck me in the ass baby with the staff of jujitsu.
"dude he had an orgasm!"
#sex #cock #vagina #pussy #dick
by nicholain lauguyen January 25, 2009
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