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The highest point of pleasure while having sex.

Something along those lines
by Patrick April 04, 2005
410 179
A sexy liquid explosion
George Bush had a orgasm as the pie connected with his face
by NinjaSkillz August 21, 2006
372 210
The peak of sexual arousal.
omg, i was watching porn on the internet and all of a sudden, i had an orgasm. its like my vagina was pulsing and kept tightening up. it felt so great. i can't wait until i put it to good use.
by sexbitch247 October 04, 2008
256 111
The best feeling in the world. When a man or woman climaxes. The peak point of sex.
"Wow! That was amazing. That was the best orgasm I ever had."
by tahareh July 18, 2005
233 95
what occurs on the tennis court.
i cannot distinguish that the sound is from orgasm or from a tennis player.
by 54+ May 10, 2006
322 198
The point at which one exists no longer as a sentient being and reverts to a primal state during sex. Usually accompanied by loud screaming moaning and simplistic confirmation of supreme beings.
"Uhu, ugu, ohh, ohh yes, ugu, ohhh yes, yes, yes, oh god yes, oh yes, uguuu, yes, oh YEESS, OH YEEEEESSSS!!!" the sounds of female orgasm

"Dude, jane gave me the best orgasm ever!"
by Omnisexy October 20, 2007
228 110
Something that's addictive.
Masturbation, Sex
by Ashley August 28, 2003
281 173
for a woman:
the climax of sex
usually stimulated by: sex, oral or vaginal, or rubbing the clitoris..

it's sort of a
tickling pinching sensation and then shaking and slight tingling in ones body that flutters from inside out to your fingertips and toes and you feel totally relaxed and in those few moments you think of nothing, you only breathe.
i had an orgasm last night! it was great!
by sdflksjdflksjdlfkjsjflsj January 02, 2008
191 88